mandag 28. september 2009


Nei, det er ikke jeg som prøver å finne ut hvordan ugle skrives på engelsk. Men nå blir det engelsk:

This is my first blog entry in English, just to show that I master more than one language!

No, that`s not the reason. I have tried out a challenge at
OLW (One Little Word), where you should use the word OPEN in your title. It`s a little weird for me to use an English title on my pages, but here I`ve used a song title: "With arms wide open" by Creed. And both the title and the lyrics in this song really describe the thoughts that went through my mind when I`d just given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl.

Listen to the song - enjoy! (Warning : if you`re pregnant, or if you just had your baby, you might shed some tears....) (Because of the lyrics, I don`t think the actual video will make you cry)

4 kommentarer:

  1. This is gorgeous!!!! Love that picture!

  2. Thank you Pia for the lovely comment. I just finished watching your slide show... You have a very SPECIAL style! I love, love, love your kids' LOs! You're a true artist in and outside of scrapping. I hope to see more of your work. Your kids are sooo blessed.
    p.s. super Creed video ,)

  3. Herlig bilde - og en nydelig LO. Digger fargekombinasjonen du har brukt her. Flotte detaljer:)

    Håper du får en flott onsdag:)

  4. Å, så nydelig LO!!!
    Tusen takk for at du ville være med å "leke".

    Du trenger ikke bruke ordet i utfordringene våre på engelsk. Bruk det gjerne på norsk! :) Ordet er bare ment for å inspirere :)


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